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Two weeks ago, Netflix (NFLX) appeared to be back on top of the world. The twelve-month leader among FAANG stocks and knocking on the door of new 52-week highs, it was a tempting buy. The subtle hints never took root though. That is to say, the buyers never poured in whole-heartedly enough to get NFLX over the hump, which has let Netflix shares slip dangerously close to a breakdown again. Rather, it's been Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN) - two names that were toying with decided bullishness with our last look --- that have turned into the most compelling runners. Such is the case with FANG stocks, or FAANG stocks if you include Apple in the mix. They somewhat run as a herd, but it's not a close-knit herd. It's fun to bet on the whole group, but it's often more fruitful to cherry pick the budding leaders and laggards… more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC Lockheed Martin has dovetailed since hitting a 52-week high last April. The defense contractor has plummeted 15 percent since that peak, buffeted by every new development in U.S.-China trade discussions. One technical analyst sees a rebound in the making after a rough 12 months. "It's been a bit of an underperformer in the defense sector, but... more

Since January, it looked like it was going to resume its place as the leader. But, just within the past three trading days, Netflix (NFLX) has slipped, perhaps feeling the weight of its big gains for the past couple of years, in the shadow of a new competing streaming-video service from Apple (AAPL)… not that investors were especially bullish on... more

Would you believe that March and April, historically, shows a 2 to 1 statistical probability of NG moving higher.  Each of these months shows, historically, that NG has a strong potential for at least a $1.00 upside price move in both March and April.  Only 1/3 of the historically testing time (23 years) did the price of NG actually decrease.... more

The term sounds complicated… maybe even intimidating. But, it's not. In fact, covered calls are in most regards less risky, and more predictable, than straightforward option trades. Investors that have traditionally steered clear of options should consider them for this one particular use. But, first things first. An option is just what it sounds like… an option to buy or... more

In our last look at the FANG stocks, individually and collectively, we noted Netflix (NFLX) was the only decided leader that was dishing out trade-worthy progress. Though Facebook (FB) was well 'up' at the time, it was only up by virtue of a big post-earnings bump late last month. It wasn't built to last, and sure enough, it didn't. Not... more

Our research has indicated that precious metals should be setting up for a period of rotation and sideways trading over the next 20~30 days.  We issued a research post on January 28, 2019 warning that precious metals would be consolidated over a 30~45 day period before setting up for a massive upside price move, here.  This research was based on... more