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Earlier on Monday we featured a post originally penned for CNBC, suggesting shares of search engine giant Alphabet (GOOGL) were too overbought/overextended to make for a safe bet. As Newton Advisors' Mark Newton explained it, after the big runup that began immediately after the Christmas break, "It's likely the stock stalls out and starts to pull back a bit." The concern is certainly understandable. FANG stocks are inherently volatile, which is what traders love about them. And, Alphabet has been an unusually bullish name for the past six weeks. We're going to move to the other side of the table though, and suggest that of all the FANG names, Alphabet shares are best positioned for more upside going forward. But, first things first... a look at how each FANG name - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet) - are faring compared to one another over the course of the… more

A 50% return is a pretty solid trade by any standard. A 50% return in just two days is exciting to say the least. This wasn't a hypothetical scenario though. Members of our Options Shark trading advisory just scored such a gain. Like most good trades, this one is worth a closer look to see what lessons we can learn... more

Tuesday's leader isn't even in question. On the heels of news that it was raising its prices, Netflix (NFLX) shares have jumped more than 7% today. Other FANG stocks are taking that lead, but none are even a close-second. The next-biggest gain comes from Alphabet (GOOGL), though it's only up a little less than 3%. Not all bullish thrusts are... more

Sometimes, traders – and option traders in particular – make things more difficult than they need to be. That’s not to suggest this game is easy, or that people playing it shouldn't take it seriously. But, there’s something of a tendency to conflate ‘complicated’ with ‘effective.’ If that’s you, it’s not entirely your fault. This industry has gotten pretty good... more

Just when you think things can't get any worse for stocks, the get worse. Friday's 2.08% tumble for the S&P 500 topped off 7.0% loss for the index, and continued the losing streak to seven days. Stocks are now down 17.7% from their September high, though the NASDAQ is actually off by more than 20% from its peak. It looks,... more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC High-momentum FANG stocks have been hammered for months. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet, the premium tech stocks that led markets to records earlier this year, have plummeted by double digits since October. If the market continues to pull back, one of those names could be setting up for an even bigger fall, said Todd... more

By Amanda Diaz, CNBC The bears are devouring Apple. Shares of the tech giant have crashed more than 25 percent from its October high, putting the stock firmly in a bear market and shedding nearly $300 billion in market cap in that time. The move comes as concerns over slowing iPhone demand, trade tensions and broader market turmoil have investors... more