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In Wednesday's Midweek Update Video, Bigtrends.com chief Price Headley dissected several charts, most of which were rallying with the market (and some of which were doing so not only despite the surge in inflation last month, but because of it). Gold was at the top of the list, and for good reason. Not only was it already in a swing uptrend, its inflation-hedge properties made it a highly-sought trade on Wednesday. Thing is, the move from gold deserves a much, much closer look. The rekindled rally is not only bullish on the surface, it almost completes a major breakout pattern that's been brewing for months. We have to zoom out to a weekly chart of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) to fully appreciate what's happening here. As you can see, though erratic the whole time, GLD - and gold prices themselves - have logged a string of higher lows since… more


Do you trade by the seat of your pants, getting in and out of a position more on your gut instinct than a well-reasoned plan? Don't sweat it if that sounds a little too much like you. You're not alone. Indeed, even the most disciplined of traders can get out of his or her proven approach from time to time.... more


Over the course of the past few weeks we've followed the demise of the U.S. dollar, largely predicting it would pull back even when most others were expecting it to recover as U.S. interest rates were rising. Our thesis was, in simplest terms, the greenback erroneously rallied in 2014 and 2015 — when interest rates weren't really rising — and... more


It's good news for anyone who owns oil or gold (or gold and oil stocks), and it's good news for anyone who think the U.S. sends too much money overseas in exchange for goods not made in the U.S.A. For everyone else though, it could be trouble. It's the United States dollar being discussed, of course. With Tuesday's weakness, the... more


Truth be told, most traders – and new traders in particular – are "whale hunters." In other words, they're aiming to for huge winners, all the time. There's a certain logic to the way of thinking too, to be fair. As much as we'd like to believe we know how well each trade is going to perform when we enter... more


On Tuesday of this week, our Smart Options advisory service locked in a 26% gain on a debit spread. While it may not have been a massive winner by option traders that take on directional, one-dimension trades, given the minimal risk we took on with the trade — not to mention the fact  that we only held the position for... more


This week, our Grand Slam options trading advisory booked a sizable winner, netting a 50% gain on some Broadcom (AVGO) calls purchased back on Wednesday, November 1st. Though the trade is in the past, there are several things about the trade — and the chart of AVGO — worth going back and studying, as they provide some lessons we can... more