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-- "The market looks to have digested most negative news during the recent sell-off from $41,000 to $29,000," one analyst said. -- By Omkar Godbole, Coindesk While bitcoin (BTC) seems to have found a bottom, a quick rally to record highs looks unlikely, analysts told CoinDesk on Wednesday, saying the cryptocurrency now faces price consolidation. "Bitcoin looks to have bottomed out, having digested most negative news during the recent sell-off from $41,000 to $29,000," trader and analyst Alex Kruger said. Prices topped $41,000 early last week before turning south in the latter half after the Federal Reserve's unexpected hawkish tilt on interest rates. Bearish sentiment strengthened on Monday after the People's Bank of China reiterated its crypto banking ban in the wake of the Chinese government's crackdown on crypto mining. Bitcoin extended the previous week's sell-off, hitting five-month lows near $29,000 during early U.S. hours Tuesday. Still, prices had bounced… more

Do you think quadruple-digit winners are just fish tales from traders looking for a bit of an ego boost? Admittedly, such trades are few and far between. They're not impossible though. We know it, because we just made one. You can find these setups too. Not all of them will do this well. Indeed, most of them won't even come... more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC Oil's rally is hitting the gas. West Texas Intermediate gained another 1% on Wednesday, pushing it well above $68 a barrel, after OPEC+ doubled down on its decision to ease supply restrictions through July to keep up with demand. As WTI crude traded at its highest level since October 2018, energy stocks rallied alongside it. The... more

Last week we started an instructive dive into debit spread trades, using a real-life example from our Debit Spread Options Advisory. Namely, we dissected why we were bullish on Caesars Entertainment (CZR) back on April 20th, and why we opted to purchase the 83 calls expiring a week and a half later and at the same time chose to sell... more

Are you looking for something a little less aggressive than your recent trades have been? How about a strategy with a lower risk, higher-odds profile… even at the expense of some upside? (After all, a reliable handful of small winners is just as good as the occasional homerun.) Option spread trades are one possibility. And don't let the fancy name... more

It's one of those things even many veteran option traders ignore, dismissing it as a distraction rather than helpful. And truth be told, if you never gave it a second thought, that would be ok. If you want to give yourself a surprising options-trading edge, however, vega can help. Here's why. Vega is one of several so-called "greeks" often used... more

With just a superficial glance it looks like the market's rolling again, led by the FANG stocks. The NASDAQ Composite jumped 0.87% on Monday, and while that doesn't carry the tech-heavy index to record highs, the S&P 500 accomplished that feat in today's action. Equally telling is that the Dow lost ground, implying traders are turning in their blue chips... more