As quickly as the market was up-ended on Monday, it made a hard turn on Tuesday. By the time the closing bell rang on Friday, a surprisingly strong November jobs report prompted the market back into the black for the week. Stocks got a bullish kicker from renewed hopes that a trade deal with China would end up getting done sometime soon after all. It's an amazingly flawed rebound, with not one but two gaps left behind. On the flipside, this is the time of year when stocks are reliably bullish. The gaps may not matter... at least not yet. We'll weigh the good and the bad against one another below, as always. First though, let's run down last week's economic news and preview what's going to be announced this week. There are some hard-hitters for both weeks. Economic Data Analysis Last week was pretty busy from the start, kicking… more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC Nike is sprinting higher. Shares of the footwear brand have surged 6% in the past month, one of the best performers on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The stock also got a kick on Thursday after Goldman Sachs added it to its Conviction Buy list on confidence that strong China sales can juice earnings. Bill Baruch,... more

Bingo! Friday's look at last month's payroll growth and hourly pay was truly as good as headlines suggested, if not better. The economy may have a couple of soft spots, but consumer income isn't one of them. Neither is the discretionary spending that goes along with it (though that's another story). The headline numbers: The U.S. economy added 266,000 new... more

Our research and predictive modeling systems have nailed Gold over the past 15+ months.  We expected Gold to rally above $1750 before the end of this year, but the global trade wars and news cycles stalled the rally in Gold over the past 2 months.  Now, it appears Gold is poised for another rally pushing much higher. But wait, if... more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC The FANG stocks — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet — are making a comeback as the broader markets bounce after three days of losses. Not all are safe bets, though, according to two traders. “The one that I’m cautious of is Netflix,” Todd Gordon, founder of, told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Tuesday. “It... more

News-driven market moves are inherently flawed. As soon as the news fades, so too does its impact, leaving stocks at levels investors aren't quite sure what to do with. On the other hand, sometimes news-prompted volatility is just what the market ordered, imposing trading action that stock should push through anyway but just can't. This week's action thus far looks... more

– More money has been lost by investors trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves – By Andrea Riquier, MarketWatch How should investors think about the possible end of the decade long bull market? With the U.S. economic expansion now into a record eleventh year, it's a fair question. A new analysis from BCA Research is... more