-- Ethereum continues to trade well, consolidating its recent gains above prior resistance. Here's why the charts suggest more upside  -- By Bret Kenwell, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to trade well, with most up massively on the year. In fact, many are fresh off new all-time highs or are just below those highs made earlier this year. It's prompting many to ask what's next for this asset group. For Ethereum, the cryptocurrency has a more recent catalyst catalyst: NFT. The market for NFTs - or non-fungible tokens - has taken off. We've seen athletes like Eli and Peyton Manning, artists, musicians, producers and more getting involved as the market has gained sudden momentum. In the NFT market, cash isn't king, Ethereum is. It's the currency customers pay in and the currency that merchants accept as payment. I think that's helping to keep a bid in Ethereum and… more

By late-October, a long period of bullishness led by large cap growth stocks we starting to fade… sort of. More specifically, mid caps and then small caps were taking the lead, at the expense of large caps. That divergence held through last month, and the early March bullishness appeared to widen it. Then everything changed. In the latter half of... more

By Lizzy Gurdus, CNBC Trouble appears to be brewing for European stocks. The iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF (EZU) closed more than 1% lower on Tuesday, under pressure from stubbornly high Covid-19 cases in France, Germany and Italy and Easter weekend lockdowns. The ETF hit its highest level since August 2008 in Monday’s session. Tuesday’s move marks the reversal of a... more

Is Nvidia About to Fly Higher?

/ April 6, 2021 5:48 PM

— Nvidia is finally trading better, bouncing off long-term support and clearing last month's high. Here are the levels to know now. — By Bret Kenwell, Nvidia (NVDA) has been a rewarding investment but a frustrating trading vehicle. However, shares have put in a solid rally lately as the stock works on its fourth straight daily gain and its... more

– Tesla doubles its first-quarter production results year over year and shares vault higher on the news. The stock's not out of the woods yet though – By Bret Kenwell, Tesla (TSLA) was in focus Friday after the company announced its first-quarter deliveries. However, the stock was not in focus. Due to a market holiday, U.S. stocks didn't on... more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC President Biden's infrastructure plan is a boon for clean energy, and one unsuspecting winner could be General Electric. The company's investments in wind turbines are beginning to challenge Siemens and Vestas Wind Systems among others. CEO Larry Culp has made renewable energy a big priority – GE projects the segment will post revenue growth in the... more

On the surface the bulls got what they wanted. Stocks ended the holiday-shortened week on a high note, with the S&P 500 making a record high and record high close late Thursday. The NASDAQ fared even better, pushing up and off of the technical support we discussed a week ago. And, at all happened at the beginning of April… a... more