News is traveling fast about the Corona Virus that originated in Wuhan, China.  Two new confirmed cases in the US, one in Europe and hundreds in China.  As we learn more about this potential pandemic outbreak, we are learning that China did very little to contain this problem from the start.  Now, quarantining two cities and trying to control the potential outbreak, may become a futile effort. In most of Asia, the Chinese New Year is already in full swing.  Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India and a host of other countries are already starting to celebrate the 7 to 10 day long New Year.  Millions of people have already traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to visit family throughout this massive celebration.  We are certain that hundreds or thousands have traveled to all parts of the world by now.  The potential for exponential growth in the threat from this… more

Our research team caught a very interesting price pattern that correlates with the Put/Call ratio.  We are alerting our friends and followers with this research post of this exciting, yet unconfirmed, set up today. In late 2017, the US stock market rallied from July through December with moderately low volatility throughout this span of time.  Near the end of 2017,... more

Our recent research suggests the US stock market may be entering a period of volatility that may include a broad market rotation/reversion event.  We believe this volatility event could begin to happen anytime over the next 10 to 30+ days.  The rally in the US stock market ending 2019 and carrying into 2020 appears to be setting up a “rally... more

Another week, another winner, with the bulls seemingly picking up the pace. The S&P 500 logged more record highs, advancing just a little less than 2.0% for the five-day stretch. The raw momentum is enticing, but this remains a dangerous situation. The market is overbought and ripe for a pullback, and only moving higher because investors are fearful they may... more

If you think the past few days — or the past few weeks for that matter – have been typical ones for the stock market, think again. It looks normal with just a quick glance, but a closer look reveals it's all been radically imbalanced. That imbalance is the market's leading and laggard sectors. Yes, technology had led the way,... more

If you think traders have rewarded the market for good news every time good news has been circulated – but hasn't punished the market for bad news – you're not crazy. That's exactly what's happened. The end result is a market that's gone up and up and up without ever stumbling, in turn resulting in a situation not seen since... more

Certain precious metals, Gold, Silver, and Platinum, have shown moderate upside price trending over the past 20+ months while Rhodium and Palladium have skyrocketed higher.  These more precious metals, Rhodium and Palladium, have many industrial and consumer uses.  Rhodium is used in electronics and plating and Palladium is used in a variety of consumer products from Automobiles to Medical Devices.... more