The stock market’s been on thin ice for a while. Tuesday’s selloff brings it back within striking distance of more serious trouble. Indeed, by some measures it may already be past its breaking point. But first things first. In this past weekend’s Weekly Market Outlook we pointed out the S&P 500 was close to testing a key support level around 4220, where the 200-day moving average line was close to intercepting straight-line support connecting last October’s and this March’s low. That floor is now being tested. One or two more bad days, in fact, could snap that floor. Here’s a closer look at the same development with a more detailed daily chart of the S&P 500. The index is under its straight-line support (dashed), and is within easy reach of a move below its 200-day moving average line (green) at 4204. Additional detail isn’t the only reason we want to… more

In sports, an ugly win is still a win. The same goes for the market. Even so, an ugly win like Monday’s is worth exploring. It suggests something is wrong is with market, even if stocks didn’t technically “lose” the day. And in this case, there are two things potentially wrong with the bullish effort. The first red flag is... more

Trying as hard as it could, the market just couldn’t work its way back into the black for the week on Friday. The bulls gave up on the effort mid-day, in fact, dragging the S&P 500 to a loss of 0.27% for the day, and leading to a loss of 0.7% for the week. It was the fourth losing week... more

Tuesday’s Tumble Changes Everything

/ September 26, 2023 5:09 PM

As of Monday, the market still had a fighting chance at bouncing back from its recent weakness before slipping into a heap of trouble. After Tuesday’s drubbing though, the market’s in much more serious trouble. The daily chart of the NASDAQ Composite illustrates part of the reason why. On Monday it looked as if last month’s low of 13,157 (yellow,... more

ADM stock price decreased 4.41% over the past week and the current price is below major EMA's and declining. Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (NASDAQ: ADM) stock's 52-week price range is between $69 – $98. By Adarsh Singh, The Coin Republic Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) stock's market capitalization is $41.269 Billion and the shares float is $532.058 Million. Moreover, the stock's basic EPS is... more

Another week, another loss, with this one being much bigger than the previous one. All of the indices have now broken below key technical floors, and some of them are on the verge of falling under some more. The best thing going for stocks right now? The stumble was so big that it sets the stage for a dead-cat bounce... more

The possibility’s been on the radar for a few days. Now it’s a reality. The market’s key indexes are below their short-term dividing lines, and testing their next support levels. If these fail as well, it opens the door to even more selling. Take a look at the daily chart of the NASDAQ Composite to see one of these tests.... more