By Stephanie Landsman, CNBC The market turmoil may have a lot more life left in it, and just when it seems like it's calming down — another jolt could be right behind it. That's the scenario Invesco's Kristina Hooper sees unfolding. She predicts a plunge of this magnitude could happen multiple times in the next 10 months. "I would expect whiplash to continue. The negative animal spirits that are in the market today don't look like they're abating," the firm's chief global market strategist said Thursday on CNBC's "Futures Now." "We could see this kind of tumultuous environment continue for days and perhaps weeks." Market sentiment vastly changed on Feb. 2 after the government reported wages grew 2.9 percent during the past year. Hooper and others say the data sparked alarm bells over rising inflation and drove 10-Year Treasury yields to 2.85 percent. "[It] really opened up a Pandora's box… more


To the average, unsuspecting trader, this week's rebound from last week's rout might look like the typical beginning of a recovery after a typical (albeit shocking) correction. It happens. And, maybe that's exactly what this will end up being. There are a couple of red flags waving, however, suggesting the bulls may not want to count their chickens before they're... more


By Annie Pei, CNBC FANG stocks are getting their bite back, but there's one name that sat out the rally on Thursday – Facebook. While shares of Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet were sharply in the green Thursday afternoon, Facebook shares were struggling to stay afloat. founder Todd Gordon says the technical setup for the social giant is weak. Gordon... more


Based on nothing more than the headlines, it would be easy to conclude the average consumer fell off a cliff in January. A rising stock market and rising wages sent spenders to stores in droves near the end of last year, with December's retail spending up firmly (at least as initially reported). Indeed, with consumer confidence at or near record... more


– No "all clear to buy the dip" yet, strategist says – By Ryan Vlastelica, MarketWatch The recent turbulence on Wall Street, which pushed the U.S. stock market into its first correction in about two years, seems to have soured fund managers on where the economy may be headed. According to the BofA Merrill Lynch fund manager survey for February,... more


– The good news: Hitting the 200-week average is highly unlikely. Now for the bad news – By Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch It seems like only yesterday that millennials were sharing their 401(k) accounts online, telling the world they were millionaires on paper. Well, it was. Or last week, to be exact. And what a week it was. Some said the... more


Kaboom. Just like that, when many traders were "buying on the dip," the market reminded everyone why they can't afford to get cocky or presumptuous. Last week's 7.9% setback was the biggest weekly loss since 2009. Nobody was really ready for the sheer scope of it, though plenty of traders had a sneaking suspicion something like it was coming sooner... more