- Still, analysts have favorable views on some of them - By Philip van Doorn, MarketWatch Even as the bull market soon turns 10 years old, you might be surprised about how many stocks are trading much lower than their all-time highs. Taking a closer look can provide food for thought for bargain hunters. In Seeking Alpha last week, Chuck Carnevale made the case for Whirlpool as ”an uncommon value opportunity” despite “some operating challenges.” The stock closed at $105.37 on Oct. 15, down 51% from its all-time closing high of $215 on March 2, 2015. It also features a dividend yield of 4.37%. The quarterly dividend of $1.15 a share has more than doubled over the past six years. With Whirlpool down so much from its all-time closing high, during a period in which the S&P 500 Index had risen 30% (excluding dividends), you might be wondering how many… more

– BAML analyst: Stocks will get seasonal bump in November-April – By Sue Chang, MarketWatch The new mantra for investors this week may be good things come to those who wait. Wall Street pundits on Monday continued to urge caution, predicting that the stock market turbulence is far from over. Yet many of them ended their commentary on an optimistic... more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC Netflix is selling off again heading into earnings this week. Its shares traded more than 1 percent lower on Monday, adding to the 15 percent drop over the past three months. The stock is susceptible to another bout of volatility, which could mean even more weakness ahead, Carter Worth, head of technical analysis at Cornerstone Macro,... more

The bleeding finally stopped on Friday, with the S&P 500 mustered a 1.42% gain. But, by that time, the damage had been done. The market lost a little more than 4.0% of its value last week… the worst week since March, which materialized at a time that's not all that great for stocks to begin with. The irony? The best... more

If the bulls are going to make a stand and bring an end to the steep selloff, this is where they've got the best shot at doing so. The past several days have been rough for the broad market, though none of those days was as dramatically bad as Wednesday's drubbing. The S&P 500 lost 3.3% yesterday… the worst single... more

By Keris Lahiff, CNBC This week's tech wreck hasn't deterred founder Todd Gordon from his bullish bet on Apple. "You don't see the decline in Apple that we've seen in the Nasdaq," Gordon said on CNBC's "Trading Nation" on Thursday. "You can see this shelf of support is really holding in Apple just around the $215 mark so I... more

By Stephanie Landsman, CNBC Stock market investors may be facing a game changer. According to DataTrek co-founder Nick Colas, a key relationship between stocks and bonds has broken down, and it could greatly hurt nest eggs. His latest research shows that the two assets became positively correlated in September, a trend that's rarely been seen over the past two decades.... more