Following through on the prior week’s rebound gains, stocks logged another win last week to end the five-day stretch at (or at least near) record highs. The S&P 500 was up 1.6%, while the tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite rallied an impressive 3.2%, breaking above a key resistance level in the process. But, another technical ceiling is now in play, and the index is vulnerable to profit-taking thanks to its recent oversized gains. And that’s not the only red flag. Then again, we also have to acknowledge the market’s gotten very good at defying the odds of late. We’ll look at the risks to this rally in some detail below. First, let’s recap last week’s biggest economic announcements and preview what’s coming this week. Spoiler alert: The Federal Reserve says it’s happy enough with inflation’s status quo. It probably shouldn’t be so happy though. Economic Data Analysis The only data set from… more

The market bounced back from the previous week’s stumble last week, reaching record-high territory as a result. The bigger trend remains bullish. There are challenges, however. The NASDAQ Composite is bumping into an important technical ceiling, while the S&P 500’s rally is unfurling on weakening volume. There’s room and reason to doubt this advance has staying power. Still, the trend... more

Stocks finished the week (and the month) on something of a high note, bouncing back from Friday’s intraday tumble to at least break even. Nevertheless, the holiday-shortened week was the first loser in the last six of them, making good on last Thursday’s red flag… the outside-day bearish reversal. It’s still too soon to presume the worst. As was already... more

Despite Friday’s bounce from Thursday’s sizeable stumble, for the first time in five weeks the S&P 500 lost ground… although only the S&P 500. The NASDAQ Composite mustered its fifth-straight weekly win, reaching new record levels as a result. The S&P 500 itself also hit a new record even though it lost ground for the week. The interpretation isn’t complicated... more

Another week, another win. That’s the fourth one in a row, further cementing this unlikely rally into place. Better still, the NASDAQ as well as the S&P 500 both cleared major technical hurdles, pushing them into territory where there’s no past history to hold them back. Perfect? No, there are some lingering concerns. A lack of volume behind the effort... more

Stocks may have logged their third winning week in a row last week. But, it was hardly a decisive victory. The effort was losing steam on Friday, and for that matter, none of last week’s daily gains had a great deal of gusto. Namely, the volume behind the advance since October has never been convincing, but it was outright deteriorating... more