We know many of you follow our research posts and have been waiting for the Gold/Silver setup we predicted would happen near April 21~24, 2019 back in January 2019.  Well, it looks like our predictions were accurate and the current downward price rotation in Gold/Silver are the opportunities of a lifetime for precious metals traders. Our original research regarding the predicted Gold price rotation and breakout initially posted in October 2018 and was updated in January 2019.  You can read our updated post here. This research suggested, back in October 2018, that gold would rally above $1300, then stall and setup a momentum base near April 21~24, 2019.  Currently, we are actively seeking entry positions in Gold, Silver and many other stock market sectors related to the metals and miners. We’ll start by highlighting the Gold to Silver price ratio.  When this ration moves well above 80, it is generally… more

It was hardly a catastrophic loss, but it certainly wasn't a gain either. The S&P 500 gave up a couple of points during last week's holiday-shortened action, with the weight of the incredible gains seen since late December clearly keeping many would-be buyers on the sidelines. This is a point where the market has to make a tough decision. Any... more

Since the December low, the marketwide rally has swept most stocks higher with it… pretty evenly, in fact. Now approaching the four-month mark for the advance, however, we're finally starting to see some major divergences. That is, some sectors are remaining in a bullish mode, while others are reversing course. These trends are worth a closer look if only because... more

Without too much attention from traders, the SPY and QQQ are racing to attempt to establish new all-time highs in what may become the most exciting Spring/Summer breakout rally of the past 3 years.  While many other symbols are still flirting with November/December 2018 highs, the SPY and QQQ are both showing upside price gaps last week indicating a moderately... more

Stocks were overbought headed into the beginning of last week, but investors didn't care. Thanks to last week's 0.5% advance (all of which, and more, was reaped on Friday), the S&P 500 is now up 23.7% from December's low. That's one of the biggest sixteen-week gains on record. Stocks have been more overbought before. Indeed, they were more overbought even... more

Our research team, at Technical Traders Ltd. alerted us to a Fibonacci technical pattern that is setting up in the US stock market right now.  This pattern suggests that volatility will increase dramatically over the next few days/weeks as intra-day price action suggests deeper sideways price action may continue. One of the key benefits of our proprietary Fibonacci price modeling... more

– Elliott Wave theory suggests stocks could extend gains if the S&P 500 breaks through 2,915 points – By Avi Gilburt, MarketWatch In fall 2018, when I was warning about a 20%-30% correction I foresaw in the stock market, I also warned that within that "correction," the market could make a new all-time high. It may still do so, with... more