Positive expectations related to the US/China trades negotiations on October 10th prompted a moderately strong upside move in the US major indexes and the stock market.  Additionally, the precious metals fell in correlation to the upside move in the US stock market and presented another opportunity for skilled technical traders to look for entries below $1500 in Gold and below $17.75 in Silver.  We can’t stress the importance of this critical $1500 price level in Gold as a key level for all traders to watch.  It has continued to provide key support for Gold since the price rally that initiated in late April 2019.  We believe this level will act as a relatively strong price “floor” going forward and any price activity below $1500 could represent a very opportunistic entry area for skilled traders. Back in early September, we authored this research post highlighting what we believed would happen going… more

It ended up being an incredibly unhealthy, even dangerous finish to the week. Between the gap at the open and the pullback from the intraday high, some profit-taking is a distinct possibility. That small move down could turn into a bigger one relatively easily. Nevertheless, seemingly encouraging data about an end to the trade war was enough to send the... more

By Lizzy Gurdus, CNBC Trick or treat? With stocks already down more than 2% for October, investors might be wondering which side of the spooky settlement they'll get as they position their portfolios for the end of the year. But the post-Halloween period is likely to bring more treats than tricks for equities, said Stephen Suttmeier, chief equity technical strategist... more

The market may have snapped back from its meltdown before that meltdown had a chance to get going. But, the bounce was less than ideal. Not only was the recovery effort on light volume, the S&P left a gap behind on Friday. That's now aching to be filled in — with a pullback — and there's no assurance that the... more

We’ve been writing about the broader US stock market for many months – highlighting the Pennant/Flag formations that have continued to set up since early 2018.  Sometimes, the keys to really understanding what is transpiring behind the scenes in the US markets is to pay attention to various market segments and to consider applying some “outside the box” thinking. Before... more

The media put their bias on full display Friday, in response to last month's unemployment and payrolls-creation numbers. Despite a 50-year low level in unemployment, the shortfall in expected jobs-creation was deemed problematic … a sign that employers were scaling back on hiring, fearing a slowdown looms ahead. Reality: Employers are struggling to find enough qualified workers to fill open... more

By Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch That is to paraphrase the late Dennis Green, who more than a decade ago, famously declared of the NFL’s Chicago Bears: they “are who we thought they were. And we let them off the hook.” Stock-market investors may be sharing that sentiment after seemingly having victory in sight on Tuesday, as did the Arizona Cardinals then-coached... more