‘It’s certainly possible we can rally another six or nine months because we have Trump who does not want to see the market go down in front of the election. We have Jerome Powell... on the side of trying to keep the market up... It’s dangerous to be short right now.’ David Tice _________________________________________________ That’s how noted market bear David Tice sees the current climate unfolding before the massive pullback he’s been calling for ultimately takes hold. “The big question: Is the U.S. in a recession or about to enter one? We’re either there or within two months away from that,” Tice, who sold his Prudent Bear fund (BEARX) a decade ago, said in a interview this week on CNBC. “There’s certainly a lot of risk to the market here,” he continued. “I’m very, very worried about Europe and Asia where the declines are significant.” As the bull market forges… more

So, the reality is that based on our modeling system and our research, there are only two ways that the US Fed (and likely the global central banks) can navigate out of this inflation killing debt glut that has sunk the global markets into a quicksand-like economic malaise; either A. reduce debts dramatically across the board (all nations) in an... more

Real Estate is one of the biggest purchases anyone will make in their lifetime.  It can account for 30x to 300x one’s annual income and take over 30 years to pay off.  After you’re done paying for your property, now you have to keep paying to maintain it and to support the property taxes to keep it.  What has happened... more

Stocks may have ended last week on a high note, but last week, stocks still logged a loss. More than that, the S&P 500 and most other indices remained below key moving average lines despite the last-minute push. That doesn't necessarily mean the market is too far gone to stage a rebound effort here. On the other hand, that doesn't... more

As you can probably imagine, we’ve received a ton of emails and questions about our recent predictions for precious metals and the August 19 breakdown date in the global markets.  It seems everyone is reading our research posts and is curious about how to prepare for these moves and how we came up with these predictions months in advance.  In... more

As we continue to explore the events of the past 10 to 20+ years and how the global central banks continue to attempt to navigate through these difficult times, we want to take a few minutes to try to understand and explain how the capital that has exploded into the global markets has been deployed and used to chase returns,... more

All Eyes On Copper

/ August 11, 2019 5:49 PM

Copper is a fairly strong measure of the strength and capacity of the global economy and global manufacturing.  Right now, Copper has been under quite a bit of pricing pressure and has fallen from levels above $4.50 (near 2011) to levels near $2.55.  Most recently, Copper has rotated higher to levels near $3.25 after President Trump was elected on November... more