Price Headley's Weekly Winners' Circle

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The most common mistake traders make doesn’t come from a lack of knowledge or expertise about the markets. Many traders have a solid grasp on what technical analysis techniques work, and they know how a debit spread is different from a credit spread...   
What's the real problem? Putting knowledge into practice in real-time markets. Something is wrong when a trader's performance doesn't match backtests or paper trading. And that gap is in the application and turning knowledge into results. 
On the surface, a single failure to properly apply your knowledge doesn’t seem like a cause to worry. But once you start having a number of losing trades, then the pressure to perform gets kicked up a notch, and your emotions get the best of you.
Once that happens, you begin to rationalize the decisions you make, rather than relying on the time-tested methods you have learned. Mistakes pile up and you find yourself lost without a sense of direction. It is easier to be successful in practice sessions than it is when your performance really counts. 

The good news is that through practice and learning from other professional traders, many investors and traders in the BigTrends family have been able to overcome this challenge. Applying strategies and systems has become second nature, and down-right enjoyable...the way trading should be.   
Our traders enjoy trading because of one simple truth - they are consistently making money...and they have the confidence to respond in real-time markets, under ANY environment.
As a member of Price Headley's Weekly Winners' Circle, you will receive a minimum of two trades every Friday at 12:30 PM ET which utilize the full spectrum of BigTrends options strategies. From Debit Spreads and Credit Spreads to more advanced strategies like Iron Condors and Calendar Spreads, these trades are designed to give you the best chance to profit in today's volatile markets.

Not only this, but you also gain access to both live and archived sessions of how Price finds and executes these trades to make sure you're really "getting it" when it comes to making better trades on your own. During these sessions - presented at 11 AM ET every Friday that the markets are open - Price focuses his teaching on helping you use technical indicators to uncover hidden gems in the market to bring your portfolio to heights you never thought possible.
Just look at all you get as a member of Weekly Winners' Circle:
Archive of 90 Days of Recorded Trading Workshops - With live sessions presented each Friday that the markets are open, this gives you access to more than 15 hours of HD content.
2 or More Trade Ideas Every WeekWhile scanning the market and analyzing any and all trends, we find the top trading opportunities and place those trades in real-time for you to see and follow. A recap email with every recommended trade is also sent to your inbox at 12:30 PM ET every Friday so that you don't miss a thing.
Master Options Strategies -  You have the ability to go in depth with an options strategy each week, providing you with a greater depth of options trading knowledge. Each week, we trade using Debit Spreads, Credit Spreads, Condors, Butterflies and more in both directions so that you are always in position to take advantage of ever-changing market conditions.
Acquire BigTrends Technical Indicators and Strategies - Learn the ins and outs of the technical analysis tools that got me inducted into the Traders Hall of Fame. Recent strategy examples include Momentum Breakouts, Low-Risk Entries and Exits, Market Timing and Setting Profit Targets and Stops with indicators like %R, Acceleration Bands, DMI Difference, CCI and Efficiency Ratio also covered!
Live Market Analysis - We analyze what is happening with the various indexes and sectors, as well as the current trends in volatility.
Trade Community - The market is full of new trade opportunities on a weekly basis, so each week we solicit trading ideas from students and we discuss you ideas in-depth.
Direct Access to BigTrends Coaches - With the unprecedented access you receive to the BigTrends trading professionals, none of your questions will go unanswered.
Every trader understands the value of a great trade, but only veteran traders understand the value of avoiding a major loss. The more you know about the strategies it takes to win, the better and more frequent your wins will be. In the BigTrends Weekly Winners' Circle, you can get live feedback from Price Headley to help you learn immediately what you did right and what you could do better next time. We help you learn from both your mistakes and your triumphs so the latter becomes standard!
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