Donchian Channels Boot Camp

One-time fee of $195

With Price Headley as your teacher, experience the full spectrum of Donchian Channels trading tactics in this three-part educational series.

In our extensive Donchian Channels Boot Camp course, you will learn all there is to know about successfully incorporating the essential Donchian Channels indicator into your chart analysis so that you can learn how to spot the big trends, irrespective of trading vehicle, chart time frame or market condition.

With lifetime access to High Definition recordings of each session, as well as unlimited e-mail access to Price and our analyst team, the Donchian Channls Boot Camp is essential viewing for traders of all experience levels.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Introduction to Donchian Channels and Why They Matter for Traders
In the first session of the Donchian Channels Boot Camp, Price covers the essential features of trading with Donchian Channels from finding the right time frames to define support and resistance to indicator settings for booking partial profits while tightening your stops at key test points. Price also details how to scan for new Donchian signals while exhibiting the different characteristics of both bull and bear signals so that you can immediately put this powerful indicator to work in your own trading.

Session 2: Donchian Channel Strategy Testing
In the second session of the Donchian Channels Boot Camp, Price goes into greater depth on how the Donchian strategy was tested for the Sunday Night Trader service. Central to the Sunday system is keeping things simple by picking the right in-the-money options but in this session, you’ll also learn which stocks and ETFs perform the best over time in the Donchian system as well as how to trade the equity curves in their “sweet spot” to establish greater consistency over time.

Session 3: Options Strategies with the Donchian System
In the final session of the Donchian Channels Boot Camp, Price expands his focus to cover alternative options strategies with the Donchian system including option spreads with Donchian support and resistance. He also delves into option charts with Donchian Channels before completing the session with a “lightning round” of his favorite Donchian trades on both the up and downside.