Debit Spread Trader Advisory Service

1-Month Subscription $97

DebitSpreadTrader102The Debit Spread Trader portfolio focuses on taking advantage of a specific option strategy that allows you to achieve better utilization of your trading capital while increasing your probability of winning trades, even in flat markets.

This highly-effective options strategy, combined with the award-winning technical analysis and stock-picking skills for which BigTrends is famous, gives you a powerful methodology to consistently grow wealth as well as enhancing the goal most traders share, namely greater consistency of returns over time.

Debit Spread Trader is positioned to profit from both Bull and Bear trends on blue chip names like HD, DIS, GS, MMM, V and more and can even return consistent profits in choppy or flat markets. By utilizing Debit Spreads on Weekly Options, Debit Spread Trader allows you to truly put time on your side, while lowering the net cost of your position compared to a simple options purchase. The profit potential of the strategy results in targets of 20% to 30% while further limiting your risk by reducing your cost in the position when you sell an option against the option you purchase, thus creating the "debit" spread. 

As a member of Debit Spread Trader, you'll receive an average of 6 Call or Put Debit Spreads trades per month across a variety of high-volume, blue chip names. With contract prices of $1 to $4, holding periods of 2-7 days and no more than 4 trades open at once, Debit Spread Trader can offer huge portfolio growth and consistent income without the need for overtrading. And because of its focus on short-term moves to the upside AND downside on household stock names, this strategy is perfect for all market conditions!

Another major advantage of Debit Spread Trader is in its dependability. While new trades can trigger on any trading day, our use of daily charts for entries means that trades are always released between 3:00 ET and 3:45 ET in the afternoon, thus avoiding the need to constantly check your email or texts for new recommendations.


Real-time intraday e-mail/text alerts whenever we spot a new trading opportunity.

We never leave you hanging on a trade. We provide educational video updates each week which give you the rationale behind any new trade, including reviews of ALL open positions.

You will also receive unlimited e-mail and phone access to your Trading Consultant for the full term of your service. Have a question about a trade or the program? Ask your Trading Consultant.

Available for trading in IRAs and self-directed brokerage accounts rolled over from 401ks and other retirement accounts. Also, your subscription price may be 100% tax-deductible – check with your tax professional.

Plus, by purchasing this service, you may be eligible for future discounts under the BigTrends Loyalty Program! Click here for more information on how you can save $100 for every $1,000 spent!

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