Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp

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With Price Headley as your teacher, learn how to get the most out of your chart analysis by receiving critical instruction on Price's favorite technical indicators in this three-part educational series.

In our extensive Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp course, you will experience the full spectrum of Williams' %R, Acceleration Bands and Commodity Channel Index (CCI) tactics so that you can learn how to spot the big trends, irrespective of trading vehicle, chart time-frame or market condition.

With lifetime access to High Definition recordings of each session, as well as unlimited e-mail access to Price and our analyst team, the Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp is essential viewing for all options traders irrespective of level and experience.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Percent R
In the first session of the Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp, Price covers his full arsenal of Williams’ %R trading tactics that he has developed over the last two decades. From bullish and bearish buy, sell and retest signals to his triple confirmation in multiple time frames, this essential %R session will equip you to trade the “BigTrends Way” irrespective of trading vehicle or market condition.

Session 2: Acceleration Bands
In the second session of the Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp, Price delves into his own proprietary indicator, namely Acceleration Bands. Acceleration Bands were designed to filter through the noise and information overload that many traders face in order to catch the truly huge moves that many indicators miss. With detailed instruction on bullish and bearish entries and exits, short-term accelerations combined with longer-term accelerations and details on how to find mega-trends on long-term charts, Acceleration Bands will help traders of all levels to catch and ride the biggest trends in any market condition.

Session 3: Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Commodity Channel Index has always been Price’s favorite indicator for options charts and in the final session of the Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp, you will learn how Price scans for new CCI trades with buy, sell and exit signals, CCI turns and crosses and how you can use the CCI formula to follow the “typical price” to the biggest breakouts.