Swing Trading Boot Camp

One-time fee of $195

With Price Headley as your teacher, experience the full spectrum of options swing trading tactics in this three-part educational series.

In our extensive Swing Trading Boot Camp course, you will learn all there is to know about successfully swing trading options, enabling you to trade no matter what the security, chart time-frame or market condition. You will also receive critical instruction on how to use Price's favorite technical indicators so that you can learn how to spot the big trends on which to apply your new-found strategic knowledge.

With lifetime access to High Definition recordings of each session, as well as unlimited e-mail access to Price and our analyst team, the Swing Trading Boot Camp is essential viewing for all swing traders irrespective of level and experience.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Trading Rules for Bull and Bear Swing Trades
In the first session of the Swing Trading Boot Camp, Price details the main principles and rules of his swing trading strategy, starting with simple aspects like when and what to buy and how to spot meaningful trends. In the course of this 2-hour session, Price also delves into how he uses his unique blend of technical indicators (including Williams’ %R and Acceleration Bands) to identify both bull and bear trade setups, how to use multiple time frame analysis to pinpoint the best times to both enter AND exit trades and how he uses progressive stops and profit targets to maximize each trade’s potential.

Session 2: Scans, Filters and Capital Allocation
Part two of the Swing Trading Boot Camp focuses on the importance of scans and filters and how to set them up with each one of your technical indicators. Price details the importance of not only confirming trends with an hourly chart but also how adding short and long-term backup to your moves can bring in swing trading winners time and time again. He also covers the tricky area of capital allocation and how to apply consistency to your position sizing and scaling so that you can never have to worry about one trade making or breaking your trading account.

Session 3: Case Studies: Best Swing Trading Patterns and Trade Management Tips
In the final part of the Swing Trading Boot Camp, Price presents a selection of case studies of trades that worked as well as trades that didn’t. Being able to differentiate between why a trade goes for or against you can help you to build a success profile and over time, you can spot the clues for when a good setup is about to turn around. Price also discusses his key principles for effective trade management to ensure that when you find the trends, you can get the maximum possible benefit.