BigTrends' Toolkit for TradeStation

One-time fee of $499

Trading professionals have long known that the best trades come from the large trends and for this reason, we have incorporated my knowledge about identifying these trends in the BigTrends Toolkit for TradeStation.

With this revolutionary add-on, you can define low-risk entry and exit points, spot price accelerations, get access to my proprietary techniques and learn how to use indicators in ways you never thought possible.

The technical indicators provided in the BigTrends Toolkit for TradeStation allow you to gain the huge advantage of utilizing market timing, proven indicators and a winning strategy. Included in this extensive toolkit are:

* 14 Indicators

-BigTrends' %R, Acceleration Bands 20, Acceleration Bands 80, Bollinger Bands 80, CCI Average, 100% Above 200 Day, DMI Difference, Distance from Moving Average, Efficiency Ratio, Force Index, RSI, Stochastics, Donchian Channels, BigTrends Triple Time Frame Indicator. 

* 7 Radar Screens

-%R Bull Scan, %R Bear Scan, Acceleration Bands 20, Acceleration Bands 80, Bollinger Bands 80, CCI Bull and CCI Bear.

* 1 Strategy

- Percent R Breakout

As you can see from the contents of Toolkit, you will have a formidable arsenal of indicator codes to equip you to trade any vehicle in any market with both confidence and clarity.

However, not only are we offering you the chance to gain access to the full spectrum of BigTrends indicators, we are also giving you the opportunity to learn exactly how to use my favorite indicators in the 10-Video Technical Trend Trader Course (a $295 value) for no additional charge!

In this this extensive digital on-demand course (archived in full HD and available to you for life), you will receive over 10 hours of instruction on each of my favorite indicators including:

-Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Acceleration Bands, DMI, ADX & DMI Difference, Efficiency Ratio, MACD, CCI, Percent R Fundamentals, Percent R Advanced, Market Timing

Each of the courses in the Technical Trend Trader was designed to give you the experience of personal trading with me, with the luxury of going back for more training on your schedule. Earn while you learn and get on the path to trading like a professional.

So there you have it.

We are dedicated to providing you with a clear and concise trading program for your portfolio - take a huge step toward empowerment with the BigTrends Toolkit for TradeStation and Technical Trend Trader for only $399!

Plus, as an added bonus, all purchasers will gain lifetime on-demand access to a live Toolkit setup webinar where we aim to cover any and all questions on how to get the most out of your new Toolkit!

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