Options Shark Advisory Service

1-Month Subscription $97

OSH PicEvery Monday at 10:30 AM ET, Price releases at least 2 hot out-of-the-money options trades primed to deliver gains of 50% or more in just 2 weeks or less. These trades, which come complete with profit targets and stop loss levels, are simple call or put options with an average contract price of around $3 so that you don't need a huge trading account to trade all 8 picks!

In addition to receiving at least 8 new trades every month, Price also posts a recap video every Monday at 6 PM ET in which he analyzes how each of his picks performed. These updates will contain detailed chart and technical analysis so that everybody can feel up to speed and so that any questions can be answered before the next round of trades are released.

You will also receive unlimited e-mail and phone access to your Trading Consultant for the full term of your service. Have a question about a trade or the program? Ask your Trading Consultant.

Available for trading in IRAs and self-directed brokerage accounts rolled over from 401ks and other retirement accounts. Also, your subscription price may be 100% tax-deductible – check with your tax professional.

Plus, by purchasing this service, you may be eligible for future discounts under the BigTrends Loyalty Program! Click here for more information on how you can save $100 for every $1,000 spent!