After Hours Trader Advisory Service

1-Month Subscription $99

Traders often worry about missing a trade that might come out during live market hours and there is nothing worse than losing out on a big winner due to work or other commitments. But your life shouldn't prevent you from trading options and with this in mind, Price Headley has adapted his unique settings on Williams' %R, Acceleration Bands and Commodity Channel Index to create a simple, once-per-week, set-and-forget trading system to allow anyone trade options irrespective of their schedule.

We're calling this service After Hours Trader and members receive 2 simple, in-the-money option trades (both a call AND a put) every Monday at 6 PM ET, primed to deliver gains of 50% in just 2 weeks or less. All trades are monthly-expiration options on highly-liquid stocks (with profit targets and stop/loss levels included) and with an average contract price of under $6, they're conservative enough to protect your capital while bring aggressive enough to hit big gains when the stocks move in our favor. Plus, you have over 15 hours from the time the trades are issued to when the market opens, meaning that anyone can participate!


Real-time intraday e-mail/text alerts whenever we spot a new trading opportunity. These can be auto-traded for no extra cost through TD Ameritrade/thinkorswim and AutoShares, call 1-800-244-8736 for information.

We never leave you hanging on a trade. We provide educational portfolio updates at the end of each trading day which give you the rationale behind any new trade, including reviews of ALL open positions.

You will also receive unlimited e-mail and phone access to your Trading Consultant for the full term of your service. Have a question about a trade or the program? Ask your Trading Consultant.

Available for trading in IRAs and self-directed brokerage accounts rolled over from 401ks and other retirement accounts. Also, your subscription price may be 100% tax-deductible – check with your tax professional.