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Grand Slam Options Summer Special

Very low-cost, out-of-the-money options offer us a unique opportunity to magnify the huge gains being made across multiple stocks in the current market. And by low-cost, that means any option priced at $1.00 or less (that's no more than $100 per contract) as these discount options can give traders of all levels huge leverage if the trends are caught at just the right time.

As a member of our brand new Grand Slam Options, you'll receive up to 4 simple call or put option trades per month across a wide variety of active stocks, aiming for gains of up to 300%! With contract prices of $1 or less, holding periods of 1-4 weeks and no more than 5 trades open at once, Grand Slam Options is your opportunity to load up the bases, swing for the fences and hit huge options home runs time and time again!

Get a 1-Month Auto-Renew of
Grand Slam Options for Just $39!
(Renews at $69 Per Month)

Exciting Features of Grand Slam Options

  • Easy Navigation

    Real-Time Trade Alerts

    Receive up to 4 actionable out-of-the-money calls or puts every month designed to make you profits. Recommendations are delivered with "read to your broker" instructions on what exactly to trade in every alert. You are never left wondering what to do so sit back, place the trades and wait for further instruction

  • In The Box

    Weekly Trade Recap Videos

    You receive weekly video updates on your Grand Slam Options Newsletter service. These updates contain greater insight on why we think our current recommendations are poised to deliver gains. Get technical, sentiment, and fundamental indicators and parameters, showing you why we expect the trade to deliver.

  • Cost Effective

    Unlimited Email Access

    Many services make you feel alone after you purchase but with BigTrends, you get direct access to your trading professional for the full term of your service. Have a question about a trade? Ask your trading expert.

  • Easy Scheduler

    Auto-Trading with TD Ameritrade/thinkorswim and AutoShares

    Concerned that you don't have time to execute these low-dollar, Grand Slam Options trades? Well, worry no more because auto-trading is available (for no additional charge from us or the brokers) with thinkorswim/TDAmeritrade and AutoShares so that you need never miss a thing!

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    Course Outline:

    Session 1: Why Gamma Matters for Options Traders

    Session 2: Strategy Testing to Increase the Gamma Advantage

    Session 3: More Options Strategies to Capture the Gamma Trading Edge

Featured Package

  • 1-Month Auto-Renew of Grand Slam Options ($199 Value)
  • Access to the Grand Slam Options Strategy Session ($99 Value)
  • Unlimited E-Mail Access

Recent Trades (% Gains)

  • AVGO December 320 Calls +100
  • TMUS December 55 Puts +100
  • LVS December 70 Calls +100
  • LUV January 65 Calls +300
  • BBY January 67.5 Calls +200
  • MYL January 42.5 Calls +300
  • CMI January 182.5 Calls +100
  • SLB February 72.5 Calls +300
  • V February 125 Calls +100
  • ABBV February 110 Calls +200
  • MA February 170 Calls +200
  • AMGN February 195 Calls +200
  • BABA March 240 Calls +100
  • AKAM April 72.5 Calls +300
  • BBY May 77.5 Calls +100
  • BIDU June 290 Calls +300
  • MA June 200 Calls +100
  • X September 30 Puts +100
  • BABA October 140 Puts +100
  • BBY April 72.5 Calls +102
  • LVS May 70 Calls +100
  • MSFT July 140 Calls +100