More of the same from the market last week, which is neither a good thing or a bad thing. Stocks have been stuck in a narrow sideways trading range since mid-December, and that's yet to change. Indeed, if anything the range has become slightly tighter. The good news is, the indices are reaching a point where there's not a lot more opportunity to do nothing - one side or the other will have to play their hand soon. The bad news is, the scales could still easily tip in either direct We'll weigh the odds below, as always. First though, let's paint some broad brush strokes using last week's and this week's economic news.   Economic Data We went through a fair amount of economic information last week, but there were three stand-out data nuggets... last month's inflation data, December's capacity utilization, and last month's housing starts and permits. In… more


Kudos to Netflix (NFLX) for another strong quarter of subscriber growth, and congratulations to NFLX owners who have benefitted from the bullish response to that report. Specifically, NFLX is up 5% and into record-high territory on the heels of news that Netflix added 5.1 million members last quarter, which is the biggest quarter – in terms of growth – the... more


The market (well, the S&P 500 anyway) tried all week long to get over a key technical hump, but it just didn't happen…. unless you're talking about the NASDAQ Composite, in which case it did happen. Of the two indices, that's the one you want to lead. Sooner or later though, the S&P 500 will have to follow through. It... more


By Victor Reklaitis, MarketWatch Stocks could slump as President-elect Trump becomes President Trump. That’s starting to sound like practically the consensus view. The Trump rally could fizzle as the new commander-in-chief faces the “hard task of actually governing,” as one strategist put it. Stocks tend to strengthen in the two weeks after Inauguration Day, but one-month returns are typically negative,... more


Despite falling short of revenue expectations last quarter, and back-sliding on one key measure, Bank of America (BAC) has pressed into new 52-week high territory on Friday following the release of its fourth quarter numbers. For the quarter ending in December, earned 40 cents per share on revenue of $20.0 billion. Those figures were up 48% and 2.2%, respectively, on... more


By Alex Rosenberg, CNBC After seven years of the S&P 500 crushing non-U.S. stocks, international equities are about to stage a big comeback. At least, that's what technical analyst Jonathan Krinsky predicts. The MSCI All-World Ex-U.S. index has lagged the S&P 500 in each year since 2010, for the longest streak of underperformance since the former index was created in... more


Warren Buffett, Coke’s largest shareholder, may disagree with analysts’ takes By Tomi Kilgore, MarketWatch It’s time to sell the stocks of Coca-Cola Co. and Procter & Gamble Co., according to analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., who turned bearish on the blue-chip consumer staples companies after being neutral on them for over three years. Goldman analyst Judy Hong downgraded Coke... more