Strategist sees stock market at ‘tipping point’ By Sue Chang, MarketWatch The Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the oldest and best-known indexes in the world. It has, by its nature as a benchmark for the largest stock market in the world, become an important barometer of global confidence over the years. Chris Kacher, managing director of MoKa Investors, this week published a graph of the Dow’s performance since 1896 that charts how the index’s peaks and troughs have reflected the U.S. economy’s triumphs and tribulations. But more than that, the graph also illustrates how the Dow has become a chronicler of investors’ responses to significant global events. At its simplest, the chart proves once again that over the long term, the stock market always rises because “intelligence, creativity, and innovation always trump fear,” according to Kacher. Yet at the same time, it also underscores the basic mantra that… more


By Michelle Fox, CNBC Jittery investors shouldn't overreact to the uncertainty surrounding the Republican health-care bill, but it is time to get defensive, market expert Chad Morganlander told CNBC on Thursday. Stocks closed lower on Thursday after the vote on the legislation was delayed. "The reality is that we've had this tremendous move within the overall financial markets and we... more


Think every sector out there is getting trashed? Think again. While the broad market may be losing its uphill battle — the S&P 500 is now down 1.5% since early last week. Worse, it's broken below some key technical support levels, opening the door to more selling. Not every stock or group of stocks is in trouble there. There's one... more


Was the rally that spanned the past five months the real deal, or was it all just a lot of hollow showmanship? We're about to find out. On Tuesday, the S&P 500 fell 1.25% — the worst outing since October — but worse than that, broke under some key technical support levels. In fact, it broke under ALL of its... more


Don't stop believing, Yardeni says about what will keep the bull market going By Annie Pei, CNBC The aging bull market that began after the financial crisis is not over the hill just yet, according to one of Wall Street's top strategists. The current leg, which began in the wake of Election Day and has been dubbed by investors as... more


It was an ugly gain, with the week's net progress all confined to Wednesday's big post-Fed-announcement surge. But, a win is a win. The S&P 500's 0.2% gain was almost imperceptible, but it's better than the alternative. Last week's gain quelled a downtrend before it got started with the small loss from two weeks ago. Nevertheless, there's no denying stocks... more


U.S. households are nearly fully invested in stocks By Anora Mahmudova, MarketWatch U.S. households—despite trepidation about lofty stock valuations as the current bull market enters its ninth year—are dialing up their equity investments, which research shows has been highly correlated with poor long-term returns, according to one well-known market analyst. Households now have more than $20 trillion of equity holdings,... more