Sunday Night Trader Advisory Service

12-Month Subscription $995

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The Sunday Night Trader strategy was created for traders who want to supplement their income without having the time to constantly monitor the markets. This methodology can provide traders with consistent activity without the need for excessive trading. Many traders confuse activity with results but Sunday Night Trader is focused exclusively on finding the best trade opportunities for you every week. This simple strategy aims to offer you maximum market success with minimal stress and effort.

In addition to receiving two new trades at 3 PM ET on Fridays (to avoid potential gaps on Monday mornings), you also receive weekly updates each Sunday, with analysis of all open positions and future potential trades.


Real-time intraday e-mail/text alerts whenever we spot a new trading opportunity.  These can be auto-traded for no extra cost through major brokerage houses, call 1-800-244-8736 for information.

We never leave you hanging on a trade. We provide educational video updates each week which give you the rationale behind any new trade, including reviews of ALL open positions.

You will also receive unlimited e-mail and phone access to your Trading Consultant for the full term of your service.  Have a question about a trade or the program?  Ask your Trading Consultant.

Available for trading in IRAs and self-directed brokerage accounts rolled over from 401ks and other retirement accounts.  Also, your subscription price may be 100% tax-deductible – check with your tax professional. 

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