Options Swing Trader Advisory Service

12-Month Subscription $995

OST Sales PageThe main mission of Price Headley's Options Swing Trader trading system is to turn big trends into profit opportunities by using technical analysis and unique methodologies to spot the options that have the most profit potential. Options Swing Trader focuses on relatively medium-to-high risk moves and more aggressive, active trading with quick in-and-out trades on front month options.

The key to Options Swing Trader is accuracy, which applies to both the system and the trader. The system has been proven to place consistent trades within high-volatility markets. Price Headley in turn utilizes the system to accurately place trades through market timing and his flagship technical indicators.

You should expect an average of 8 trades per month with real-time e-mail alerts sent directly to your inbox with exact and simple instructions on how to place the trade AND how to exit again in order to maximize your return on investment. Alternatively, you can automate your trades through several selected brokers.

Price Headley's proprietary system has provided members with consistent wins through backtesting and live trading. As a member of Price Headley's newest recommendation service, you'll be showered with trades targeted for +50% gains with an occasional opportunity for even more!


Real-time intraday e-mail/text alerts whenever we spot a new trading opportunity.  These can be auto-traded for no extra cost through major brokerage houses, call 1-800-244-8736 for information.

We never leave you hanging on a trade. We provide educational portfolio updates at the end of each trading day which give you the rationale behind any new trade, including reviews of ALL open positions.

You will also receive unlimited e-mail and phone access to your Trading Consultant for the full term of your service.  Have a question about a trade or the program?  Ask your Trading Consultant.

Available for trading in IRAs and self-directed brokerage accounts rolled over from 401ks and other retirement accounts.  Also, your subscription price may be 100% tax-deductible – check with your tax professional.

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